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"Geometría de la Ausencia" is a very personal collection of poems that reflects on time, lost beauty, love and the mystery of feeling very alive. Sometimes he uses crystalline and direct language; in others surreal and riddled with disconcerting images. They form a sincere part of the identity of its author, an individual and necessary confession that hopes to serve as a collective catharsis in the face of the confusion of human existence, so full of sad moments but also sublime episodes.


"Geometría de la Ausencia" is a path where you walk with your head a little down and an interrogative gesture, but you want to walk in spite of everything. Because above melancholy there is the miracle of melancholy, and above absence there is always the hope of presence. It is utopia. The utopia of solving the great mystery diving into everyday experience, absolute subjectivity and the rootless identity of the human who enjoys dwelling in doubt.


"Geometría de la Ausencia"

is an attempt to outline time

by moving away from it, a

melting pot of human

experiences, of fantasies, of

after all, ephemeral honesty.




As a police report, the book collects the messages that ten subway commuters left on answering machines, on any given night, when they returned to their respective homes. Shortly after the train starts, the suspicions that something unusual is happening are triggered and each of them must endure the events that follow according to their own vision of the world and of life.

The journey through the tunnel ends up

becoming a parable of their own lives and,

in general, of the human condition.

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